Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our First BIG Project

So Dakoda found a pop-up camper trailer on ksl for a great deal. We just couldn't pass it up. It's a fixer upper but not big time! Dakoda calls it a compromise because it has wheels for him and a tent for me...He says he was never going to give into my tent anyway, but what he didn't consider is that I wasn't ever against a trailer (just the price). It's a win win anyway! While I test my skills in reupholstering the beds and seat cushions Dakoda has been cleaning and imagining all the things we can do inside. The great news is we get to try it out this weekend with our GREAT friends Sarah and Josh! We're a long way from having all the things to take to camp with. It has been real fun getting everything ready. Wish us luck! We hope there are no leaks or other bad surprises! We're hopeful!

                             Green is the Before
                                                                                        Blue and Brown is the Final Product

Monday, April 23, 2012

Alana Dunn did an AMAZING job on our pictures!!

Here goes nothin...

This looks like it could be fun so I decided to finally give in and give it a try. I take so many pictures of our little Aden and I feel like this is the place to share. Do people really read these and keep up? We just had some pictures taken so here they are